Zander Identity Theft Protection

TPN, over the years several pilots have asked the Network for recommendations regarding pilot-friendly professional services (i.e. taxes, medical, crash pads, resume review, etc…). We continually work on the most effective way to accomplish this goal in a manner that best serves TPN members.

We here at ‘TPN HQ’ have developed a few strategic partnerships with companies that, in our opinion, have the right values and focus to best help our group. They are services and products that we use (or used) to best support our career, personal, and family goals. Almost forgot…they just happen to understand aviation too, even though they may not be directly in the biz.

The first outside-of-aviation partnership we would like to announce is with Zander ID Theft Insurance <>. If you listen to Dave Ramsey at all, you have most likely heard of them(see/hear Dave talk about the Equifax breach).

Identity theft is an epidemic affecting over 15 million people a year. Due to our unique and demanding travel schedule, pilots are highly susceptible to ID theft. This is where Zander comes in and saves the day!They have earned Dave Ramsey’s endorsement by providing the industry’s leading service protecting you and your family’s identity.

TPN benefits from more than just protecting our individual identity (which is enough in our book!). Zander has agreed to reinvest a small percentage of revenue from any TPN order, back with the network! This is the kind of awesome company we, and hopefully all Networkers want in their lives. With Zander’s, and like companies support, we can continue to expand TPN’s reach and product lineup!

As personal customers of Zander, our relationship was built on trust. We believe that there is no finer company to place your trust when it comes to ID theft. Please check out Zander at to find out more.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Matt & Adam
The Pilot Network co-founders