TPNx 2019 Take Your Career To The Next Level

TPN, we are so excited to announce tickets are available for TPNx 2019. We just did a final walkthrough of the event space and it is perfect! It overlooks the runways at the Orlando International Airport (some pics below), and it is going to be epic.

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Day 1 – Pilot Networking

We start the event on Saturday, Nov 9th at Happy Hour. Dinner will be provided as you network with other attendees TPN-style. This is an informal event that is intended to be 50% Party, and 50% Professional Networking. The pic is a view of the VIP lounge overlooking the event space. Last year this was an epic opportunity to meet with Vendors, Sponsors, and the Southwest Airlines team. 2019 promises to be equally as epic!

Day 2 – Speakers & Presentations

Day 2 is going to be interesting, informative, but still informal. We plan to have speakers and pilot panels…all designed to give you the information you are looking for. What better way to spend Veterans’ Day.

Day 3 – Speakers and Presentations

Day 3 is going to be a continuation of day 2 with presentations designed for hands-on activities centered around applications, resumes and your log book. What better way to spend Veterans’ Day!

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