TPN would like to help announce the ICON Aircraft Mentor Pilot Program

TPN, we’re excited to announce that TPN and ICON are working together and if you think you might be in a financial situation where purchasing an ICON A5 makes sense for you, TPN wants to help get you set up with the right people.

Full disclosure: TPN will be offered a small finders’ fee for any potential customers we send to ICON. If you are interested in an A5 this is a great way to help support TPN in the process.

ICON is reinforcing their commitment to safety: you can receive up to $15,000 for your very own ICON Mentor Pilot. Each customer who signs an A5 Aircraft Purchase Agreement between now and April 30, 2019 is eligible for this custom training program during the first year of ownership.   ICON Mentor Pilot Program

Up to $15,000 of billable hours/expenses for an ICON Mentor Pilot:

  • Funds may be used for initial training, transition training, or any other dual instruction opportunities.
  • Location – anywhere in the continental US.
  • Transferrable to family members or other partners listed on ownership LLC.
  • Credit valid for 12 months after delivery date.

How it works:

  • ICON Service Team will contact you to discuss your specific training goals.
  • We connect you with an ICON CFI in your area based on your preferences.
  • CFI hours/expenses billed against this program.
  • ICON compensates CFI directly. No hassle for you.

 Think about it – you could easily fly for over 100 hours with your Mentor Pilot, if desired!