PreFlight Aviation Camp – Transforming beliefs about gender roles in aviation

TPN, last year we were honored to have Liz Duca on the podcast (iOS / Android to talk about what she was building with PreFlight Camp. We were so impressed with her mission and spirit that TPN decided to sponsor a camper. We were honored to hear the story of that young woman’s journey. Please join us as we sponsor another 2 campers this year. These are dollars well spent and you will be so happy to did.


The mission of PreFlight Aviation Camp is to transform beliefs about gender roles and inspire young girls to takeoff into their future. PreFlight provides a youth summer camp and mentorship program for girls that uses aviation to build their self-esteem, empower them to reach their goals, and inspire the next generation of pilots.

PreFlight is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and every summer they conduct a 5-day, overnight camp for girls, ages 11-14, in San Marcos, Texas. Each year their goal is to provide full camp scholarships for 50% of campers to attend PreFlight. Any donation will make a profound difference in a young girl’s life.

Thank you for considering this request to donate to PreFlight and for preparing young girls to takeoff into their future! The statistics regarding women in aviation speak for themselves and The Pilot Network is dedicated to helping Liz and her team at PreFlight get the word out.