Mil-to-Airlines Step 2: Build Your Application

This will be your most time intensive step – begin early. For airline application review, we recommend Checkedandset. Charlie Venema and his team are timely, thorough, and care about the end product that you submit to the airlines.

As mentioned, below is a non-inclusive list of items you will need to track down for your application:

  • College transcripts (don’t estimate on your GPA…you will need it at your interview, too)
  • List of major military awards
  • Driving record (more specifically, all moving violations on your driving record). If you only have one or two speeding tickets, you can approximate here…just don’t forget any!
  • Military flying history report (FHR from ARMS for Air Force), or logbook if you have one.
  • A short one-page resume to attach to the application
  • Your pilot certificate number (CFI expiration date if you have one)
  • FCC Radiotelephone Operators Permit
  • Your FAA first class medical (to get hired, you need a Class 1…some airlines don’t require First Officers to keep a current Class 1, but you have to have it to get hired).
  • Your ATP written test date and score