Horizon Air

Our pay just got better

Now with a new top tier compensation package, new airframe in the fleet, a guaranteed interview program with Alaska Airlines, and more, the time for career takeoff is now.


  • Up to $83,000 total compensation, including:
  • $40,000 wage (based on 1000 credit hours and NEW 4.2 daily credit guarantee for Q400 pilots)
  • New hire bonus (up to $25,000 for Q400 pilots, up to $20,000 for E175 pilots)
  • Up to $5,400 per diem
  • Health benefits starting at $5,600
  • Up to $2,400 401k match
  • Up to $5,200 in company performance bonus
  • More work-life benefits for you and your lifestyle


The Horizon Air Dash-8 Q400

We’re #poweredbyprops.

We think that our Q400 pilots have some of the coolest toys to work with. When you’re flying through the spectacularly rugged Pacific Northwest, it keeps the flying fun.

Head Up Display (HUD)

We were the first turboprop operator to use a head-up display system (called “Fogbuster” and for good reason). The system superimposes a holographic image of the approaching runway on a transparent screen positioned between the pilot and the flight deck windshield. Flight data from the instrument panel also is displayed on the screen.

photo of Head Up Display (HUD)

RNP approaches

We are the only regional airline that uses RNP space-based approaches. Our Q400 pilots can fly RNP approaches with curved paths into unique service airports such as Mammoth Lakes, CA, or Sun Valley, ID. Plus, our Q400 aircraft are certified to ILS CAT IIIa minimums, can land in as little as 600′ visibility, and take off with only 300′ with the heads-up guidance system.

photo of RNP approaches

The Horizon Air E175

A new era of expansion and growth.

With a warm welcome from hundreds of Horizon Air team members, our first E175 delivery made touchdown on March 17, 2017.

This is the first of 33 Embraer E175 aircraft that will join the airline in the coming years, and the start of an exciting phase of growth for Horizon. The aircraft even features a nod to Horizon Heart, as it is appropriately named “Coração,” or “heart” in Portuguese – the language of our Brazilian based partners at Embraer. Many have even dubbed the aircraft with the nickname “Cora.”